When he doesn't love you any more, don't text him all the time. Ask him if he's good. If he's under a lot of pressure at work, your text will only bring him upset, and it won't help him get rid of the pressure. If he's really good, then you know it in your heart. Learn to care silently and wish him well! When he doesn't love you, don't give up the warm hug and affectionate kiss you once had. That will only make you more helpless. The past is the past, and don't ask him to kiss me again. Can you hug me again? Because this hug will not have enough magic to make him fall in love with you again, even if he is in a bad reason to refuse you After holding you, you are doomed to be separated. Why should you let him who doesn't love you anymore be embarrassed, and he is more reluctant to give up? Also, you may have his figure in your dream occasionally. Don't call him or tell him by e-mail that you will be considered too bad. Even if he does appear in the dream, it's normal. Try to give yourself some time and take it slow. Don't be too hard on yourself! When he doesn't love you, please don't be sad in front of him, let alone cry, because it's impossible to call back love. It will make him look down on you even more. Don't tell him you are sad when you are ill. Learn to take care of yourself. He really does not give you too much energy to take care of and care of, or even just sympathize, please be proud of you, do not give up the pride that originally belonged to you. Too many people, too many in front of love, even to stand up again, how to be proud?